Letter: ‘Fame’ should be relocated to town of Faith

Published 3:07 pm Wednesday, July 22, 2020

I am in agreement that the angel “Fame” needs a better place to spread her wings for new generations to enjoy and maybe learn from. This place already has a history for honoring veterans every Fourth of July, and they have even had a president of the United States attend and address over 30,000 in attendance.

While this town is small in population, it does have three churches within its city limits, which speaks for the virtue of the town’s people. It has honored our country for over 70 years with what is billed as the largest Fourth of July celebration in the southeastern United States. This town is Faith, N.C.

Fame could be erected at a location along the parade route. In this way future hundreds of thousands could be exposed to her tears for fallen heroes alive and dead who make each Fourth of July our national holiday of liberty.

— W. Terry Julian