Letter: Free meal delivery great deal for students

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Virtuous or ridiculous? I am talking about the big yellow food delivery buses, also known as school buses, delivering food door to door for school students in Rowan County even though school has been out for a while.

Have you gotten behind one of these buses lately? There are boxes of food delivered to front doors while drivers hold up traffic, honking the horn and waiting on the fortunate recipients to meander out to pick up their free meals. What a great deal!

Now, we read in the Post that the program is going to cover all kids when school starts back. And the kids can even order what they want from their tablets. Wow! Free breakfast and lunch. Who could ask for anything more?

What is next? I suspect we may see in the future a fleet of buses going door to door giving the kids free massages and mani-pedis. How about free Uber rides for any Rowan-Salisbury Schools student to wherever they want to go. We truly do have a government out of control. Does this money magically appear out of thin air?

The argument that one in five children suffer from hunger does not pass the smell test. I have lived here all my life, and never once do I ever remember a case of a child dying from starvation. It’s more likely one in 5 parents are not responsible parents.

The cherry on top is the quote by one of the school’s nutrition managers: “As long as they are fed and happy, that’s all that matters.” Unbelievable!

News flash. You are not helping anyone by giving them free food delivered to their door. All you are doing is creating another generation that thinks that the government is going to provide for all of their needs. Virtuous or ridiculous? You be the judge.

— Wayne Drye