Letter: On Goya Foods, Medicaid expansion in NC

Published 12:00 am Sunday, July 19, 2020

First, a word on Goya Foods. This brand is one that has been a staple in my pantry for years — the best every! I will not be boycotting the Goya product line — from food to guitars. Goya Food Company, although worth over $250 million, remains a family-owned business — not for sale.

Second, Medicaid expansion in North Carolina. The Republicans have a bill soon to be finalized — H.B. 655. Primary recipients (disabled, pregnant moms and kids) are the first priority. No one will be thrown off. The expansion comes as aid to low-income earners — folks who need health care can find a health plan they can contribute to. As they move up the income ladder, the plan is adjusted.

When the earners no longer need aid, they are freed from government dictates. Of course, this leaves a place for someone else who may want assistance. Anyway, N.C. taxpayers will not be bogged down with a never-ending debt to the federal government. H.B. 650 is a solid bill and, yes, this is the time to keep Harry Warren in his current position. Let him finish up Medicaid expansion in N.C.

— Irene Dalton