Letter: Give ‘Fame’ a better, more deserving home

Published 12:00 am Sunday, July 19, 2020

We are writing this letter to express our deep concerns about relocation “Fame” to the proposed old Lutheran Cemetery adjacent to Lee Street.

Yesterday, we went looking for the cemetery where “Fame” is destined to go and were appalled at the wall surrounding the cemetery, the conditions of the tombstones, the small area of land on which it is located and the lack of access to the actual cemetery section.

We pulled into a small dead-end side road and looked for the marked off site for “Fame.” In the very back corner of the cemetery was an area partitioned with orange flags. We assumed that this was the relocation site. Our hearts were broken to know that “Fame” would be hidden away in such a desolate place and would probably end up destroyed after a few weeks because she cannot even be observed from the road because of the surrounding wall.

We had first visited the National Cemetery, located in the same area across from West Innes Street because we thought that is where “Fame” would be placed. The cemetery is well-kept and contains the remains of those who have fought relentlessly for their country. We had no problem with “Fame” being relocated there.

Why is this not a possibility, instead of completely hiding her away from citizens our age who grew up seeing her every day?

Why is the relocation of “Fame” such a big deal for citizens who grew up in the 1950s and 1960s. Our parents never once mentioned that “Fame” was dedicated to the soldiers of the Confederacy and they are the ones being held up by the angel. Instead, our parents told us that “Fame” was an angel holding up or taking wounded and dying soldiers from war into heaven to be with God. We viewed her as a beautiful piece of art and felt Salisbury was safe with an angel watching over us. That’s what both of us grew up thinking. We were not aware of the other meaning of her creation.

The decision has been made to relocate “Fame.” We are not taking any side but only want her placed in a deserving home to those of us who see the angel as a sign that God is there to protect us if we only believe and not to symbolize division of our citizens in this city.

— Donald and Lynn Marsh