Letter: With God’s help, we’re better than a lot

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, July 14, 2020

On our strange 4th of July, I was thinking about past times. Do we really think about what we are celebrating? Freedom is a precious thing. Because we have been free for over 240 years, we don’t know how bad it could be.

My older friend told me many times, “My son told me, ‘Mama everything is about power and politics.’ ” I might add to that greed and jealousy. I tend to agree as we look at our lives.

Our young people are saying we should be ashamed to celebrate Fourth of July. It is and was wrong to kill for land or any possession. You are allowed to defend yourself and family. We did kill the Indians for their land. That was wrong. There were a lot of things that took place, and we hear different reasons. Let’s say power, greed and politics played a big part in it all.

Now let’s look at history. I know its being said history can be wrong, but we find a lot of information in old journals, letters and even things passed down. Let’s look at God’s word the Bible for a history of man kind. Created in God’s image — right away, man chose to take God’s place. This is sin, rebelling against your creator. That’s our problem.

Jesus came to fix the problem, but many rejected the offer. Romans 1:18-32 describes today’s problems. I know many reject this, but when we come to the last judgment it is too late.

Let’s consider some history starting with when Babylon overthrew Israel. Next the Persians and Medes conquered Babylon. Next, the Greeks took over the Persians and Medes. Along came Rome; It ruled most of the known world.

Let’s look at Africa: tribes killed each other. In America, the Indian tribes killed each other. The colonists fought England to be free from English rule. England made the rules without giving them a say in the rules: pay your tax and keep your mouth shut. We are not perfect, but with God’s help we must be better than a lot. Everyone wants to come here for a better life, but it’s sad to say there are those who come to destroy.

I believe God allows things to get our attention. I also know there will come a day when God says, that’s enough.” Only he knows when this will be. I am so thankful for Jesus, John 3:16 and Ephesians 2:8-10.

— Sybil Athey