Tell us your opinion: What do you think about the state’s mask mandate?

Published 12:15 pm Friday, June 26, 2020

Starting at 5 p.m. Friday, June 26, the state will have a mandate that people wear face coverings in public places and at businesses until mid-July. Gov. Roy Cooper made the announcement as part of an extension of phase two of reopening the state.

We want to hear your opinion on the mandate. See the form at the bottom of this article.

The full order, including a number of exemptions, is available by clicking here. Some exceptions include: medical or behavioral conditions, is under 11 years of age, is actively eating or drinking, is strenuously exercising, is temporarily removing a face covering to secure government or medical services, would be at risk from wearing a face covering at work or has found that his or her face covering is impeding visibility to operate equipment.

Will you follow the mandate? Have you already been wearing a mask or cloth face covering? If so, did you make it or purchase it? Please include any other thoughts you have on the order, your name and contact information in case we have any follow-up questions.

We will include as many responses as possible in an article that we’ll publish in Sunday’s Salisbury Post. Contact information will not be published in the article and will only be used if reporters have a question.


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