Letter: No right protects against being offended

Published 12:00 am Sunday, June 14, 2020

When Nazis took control of Poland and other Warsaw nations, they destroyed statues they didn’t like. When the North Vietnamese communist took over the south after the American evacuation, they destroyed statues they didn’t like. When the Taliban came into power in Afghanistan, they destroyed statues they didn’t like. When ISIS started taking control of areas in Iraq, they destroyed statues they didn’t like.

Now, Democrats are in control of cities and are starting to remove statues they don’t like.

Can someone tell me the functional difference between them and the collectivist cultural assassins of the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia, the Taliban in Afghanistan and the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria? And if you ratify this decision, how can you look yourselves in the mirror, you volunteers in a new American Taliban?

We have a Marxist former mayor who was fired from her government job with the city of High Point for stirring up racial strife, attacking her own police department as racist and then filing false claims of racism against her fellow employees. She’s already exposed her method of operation and now here she is in Salisbury in broad daylight doing the same thing all over again. History in all its twists and turns must be preserved, not sanitized according to the hysteria of the moment, and that’s what this is — racist, collectivist hysteria.

There is no right codified in the Constitution to be protected against being offended by history (which is beyond changing) or anything else for that matter. Deal with it like American adults, not as spiteful, collectivist Taliban terrorists with sledge hammers.

When, I wonder, will you and they carry this campaign of cultural cleansing to its logical conclusion and ask all the white folks to leave town so that you can “feel more comfortable?”

— Wes Rhinier

Granite Quarry