Letter: Proud of those who did their part during war

Published 12:00 am Friday, June 12, 2020

I would say that I am appalled that there has been no mention of D-Day in many news prints across our nation, but I am not. I also say that most protesters and rioters across our nation don’t even have D-Day in their vocabulary or memory. Schools don’t teach U.S. history anymore.

I am proud of my father and uncle who did their wartime duty helping build Norden bomb sites, the farmer uncle who fed the troops, the B-24 navigator uncle who flew missions over Poland and Germany making headway for my uncles who entered the war at Normandy, for my uncle who was shot down over Poland and served as a POW, for my uncle in the Philippine theater, for my uncles who served under Patton, my father-in-law who served the war in a B-24, for the men from 1st, Baptist Church in Spencer (72+ members) who served and for the wives and girlfriends who prayed everyday for their safe return, for the protesters who can only do their thing only because our founding fathers gave them the constitutional right to do so and the men and women who served in all wars to keep our freedom alive.

— Danny Patterson