Letter: Noise will continue until after election

Published 12:00 am Sunday, June 7, 2020

The First Amendment to the Constitution provides for the peaceful assemble of the people to petition the government for  grievances. Please note the words peaceful assembly; no where does the Constitution provide or even suggest it is OK to loot and burn down homes, churches or businesses.  

Looting and burning is not protesting, however, it is the excuse used to engage in this illegal destructive activity. 

The first obligation of government is the protection of the people. If we, the people, cannot feel safe in public places, roads, streets, homes and businesses, government has failed. Why then should the people continue to pay taxes local, state and federal? People are suffering and they have had nothing to do with the death of George Floyd.  

Enough is enough! Why is our Governor still so worried about COVID-19 when the streets are filled with people gathering in protest? All this business about wearing masks and keeping 6 feet of space between people is evidence of this nonsense we are presently burdened with. The Democratic purpose is the destruction of the economy — something they intend to use and blame President Donald Trump for in the coming election.

Charlotte will lose the Republican convention and the revenue associated with this event. What can you say, about Gov. Roy Cooper. Well, he’s just being a good Democrat. This is all the Democrats have to offer the people — the defeat of this Republican. Just listen to the daily lying of the liberal press and the Democrats about anything and everything the president says or does. 

All of this noise will continue until the election is over. The best way to stop the suffering is just turn it off and stop listening. If you can do this, you may be surprised how much better your day will go.

— Richard Roberts