Letter: Tea brewing again from new socialist party

Published 3:07 pm Friday, May 29, 2020

I smell tea brewing again. A decade ago, it was from socialized medicine being shoved down the throats of America’s citizens. This boiling pot stems from an assault via the Democrats attacking our constitutional liberties, especially the Bill of Rights first and Second Amendment. This pandemic bombardment from the “new socialist party” has been relentless, as many left wing governors and politicians bar our church doors while green lighting businesses such as liquor stores and abortion clinics, with Michael Bloomberg and George Soros cowardly investing millions to disarm honest God-fearing citizens. It’s not about which political party God belongs to; it’s about which party belongs to God!

With President Donald Trump fighting this killer virus along with the Democratic Party and 95% of their loyal news media, the liberals keep Vice President Joe Biden chained in his basement, talking to the neighbor’s geese. The Democrats tried letting Biden do an interview with a radio host, and now rumor has it that the VP wants to run a national lottery to see which African American voters actually qualify as black.

Biden’s security team and vicious guard dogs aren’t surrounding his house to keep intruders out, but to keep him in. The next step may be to cut the power to the house, as though he would notice. Biden’s political life reminds me of the coronavirus, with about a two minute survival rate if he escapes out into the sunlight. Speaking of China’s little murderous gift to the world, I don’t believe it escaped a lab in Wuhan for a second.

A look at the history of the Communist Party — pay attention democrats — strongly suggest it was released purposefully. Anyone believing that China would mind sacrificing even a million citizens to achieve a stronger position within the world are inhaling something much stronger than tea fumes.

— Randy Biggerstaff