Letter: Past graduation photos should have been excluded

Published 12:00 am Friday, May 29, 2020

As a proud parent of a class of 2020 high school graduate, I enjoyed seeing all the graduates’ pictures and all-county scholars write-ups in the special graduation section, which makes it all that much more disappointing that the Post included a handful of pictures from last year’s graduation ceremonies.

Class of 2020 graduates have missed out on so much this year and it is completely inappropriate, inexcusable and insensitive to remind them of yet another tradition they have missed. While Rowan-Salisbury Schools has promised them an in-person graduation, we do not know exactly when or how many of these graduates and their families will be able to attend.

There were so many better options to include such as more congratulatory yard sign pictures, screenshots of senior achievement videos the high schools made or even pictures from the various senior parades over the last week. Instead of tastelessly reminding them of what they have missed, let’s continue to celebrate their accomplishments and the resilience of the class of 2020.

—Sharon Sullivan