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Published 12:00 am Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Ask us: When will road construction end in southern Rowan …

Street light installation, Ivey said, will be delayed because of a lack of utilities at the N.C. 152 and I-85 interchange. And this has been going on for how long?

— Mark Lyerly

Letter: God-given rights trampled on during shutdown

I appreciate that you’re trying to do the right thing, but please consider how your rhetoric might affect people who may not realize they are vulnerable to this virus.

There is still much to be learned about it and I would much rather see you as a powerful advocate for a cautious, science-based reopening that many of our government leaders are advising us to use.

— Karen McGee   Puckett

County manager’s ‘tight, conservative’ budget …

If Kannapolis City Schools is in Rowan County, why isn’t it under the RSS banner?

I’m not a fan of giving almost $1 million dollars to charter school or home schools when our public schools need the funding.

— Kristin Stauffer

Letter: Be a team player, wear a mask in public places

I’ll continue to not wear a mask, since that’s my choice. In the mean time, you can wear a mask in public, in your car, while you walk or when you sleep. That’s your choice. .

— Mark Cantrell

Jump on in sheep. No mask for me!

— Grant Eagle

I realize that there are a lot of people feeling pretty good about themselves and looking down on those that do not wear a mask. Maybe they are believing that they are a better person for wearing one or that I am some how less for not wearing one. I am glad to provide this service for you.

Trust me, no one is wanting to or trying to spread this virus and I will not be shamed or manipulated.

— Douglas Jacobs

Editorial: Changes will be needed for 2020 general election

Don’t let Republicans keep you from voting. Regardless of how you have to vote, do it. Four more years of the tangerine turd and America will be dead.

— William H Moffitt

Salisbury manager’s proposed budget has some fee increases,

How about considering the many on fixed incomes and those without work right now? Where is the money to come from? Stormwater fee? I have never understood this, Please someone explain. I live in what one time was the county. I have no sidewalks near. I have a gravel drive and get zilch from the city.

— Cynthia Hillard

It is a necessarily austere budget, by no fault of city leadership or staff. We’re living in tough and uncertain times.

— Jeff Morris

“Fees” have just become a tax by another name. It has become popular to brag that taxes are not raised, but fees continue to rise. It all still comes out of the taxpayers pocket.

— Jerry Shepardson

Editorial: Don’t eliminate bus routes entirely

It is already documented that people who are economically disadvantaged are the most severely affected by the COVID-19 closures.

Now, after the city taking CARES funds, it proposes further disadvantaging those people by cutting public transportation to jobs as well as creating an obvious likelihood that those East Spencer residents still employed will no longer be able to get to work. Shame on the City Manager.

—Whitney Peckman

Time to start building your own community up instead of depending on a city that continues the practice of holding you down. Stay woke folks.

—Jackie Miller

Letter: Most vulnerable among us have rights, too

The coronavirus pandemic is a public health issue, not a selfish political agenda.

Some wrongfully claim the right to not wear a mask in public and follow separation standards.

— Reginald Brown

… National guidelines for gradual return of high school sports

Is the high school sports federation out of its mind? Tennis, where players are 78 feet apart and use a fuzzy ball (and each server could use different balls), is considered a “moderate risk” similar to basketball and soccer?

— David Post

Jackson, Boyden made track history 50 years ago

I hope the Post can interview Charles Busby about the epic Duke-Durham track event. It’s 30 for 30 classic. Salisbury won with six guys, a station wagon and no coaches. Beat top-tier schools from five states.

— Greg Alcorn

Jackson needs to be in the hall of fame. Case closed!

— David Ramsey

18 new cases of COVID-19 as restaurants …

The information in the headline is based on what’s been going on in Rowan for the past week or two, not what’s been going on since restaurants have been given the green light.

— Wayne Moody