2020 Salisbury High School All-County Scholars

Published 12:05 am Sunday, May 24, 2020

Anna Grace Woolly

Parents: Krista and Rhodes Woolly

Elementary school: John Kerr Elementary School in Winchester, Va. and Overton Elementary School.

Middle school: Knox Middle School

College: I plan to attend Appalachian State University as a Chancellor’s Scholar with a major in sustainable development and a minor in anthropology: social practice and sustainability

Career goal: I really have no idea. At the moment, possibly work in the National Park System doing conservation work or engage in some type of social justice activism. I’m excited to see the path I choose to pursue in college and where that leads me in the future.

Senior project: In the winter of 2019, I wrote a Robertson Grant application for the installation of six green energy and water efficient Elkay Drinking Fountains and the distribution of reusable water bottles for the student body at Salisbury High. The drinking stations were installed last summer, which led SHS students to save over 10,000 plastic water bottles from entering the pollution stream.

Sports: Lettered soccer, cross country, golf and swimming.

Leadership positions: I was the co-president of the Environmental Club, vice-president of the Key Club and president of the National Honors Society.

Outside of school: Although it’s not an ongoing activity, I attended the Racial Equity Institute’s two-day workshop last year and found it to be incredibly meaningful. It’s imperative that we acknowledge the systemic racism that surrounds us and learn how we can stand up against it. In addition, I interned with Bell Tower Green this fall. It was eye-opening to see such a game-changing project come to fruition thanks to the generous support and incredible commitment from members of the community.

Defining moment: Can I say now? Without a doubt, COVID-19 has brought a lot of sadness over the abrupt ending to our senior year, but it also has allowed me to truly realize the incredible relationships I have in my life and how easy it is to take them for granted.

High school success: It took me a little while, but I embraced being me. I allowed myself to be as bold and brave as I wanted to be. I tried my best in everything I did, but I also accepted that failure was virtually inevitable. In the meantime, I did my best to have lots of fun and make incredible memories along the way.

If I had $10 million, I would: Be overwhelmed. I wish I had a perfect answer for this prompt. Give some to my parents and my brothers (if they are lucky). Donate money to help fund some really important grassroots organizations. Go to Egypt. Buy some super cool shoes. I’m all about the shoes.

Dominic Joseph Capito

Parents: Dr. Paul and Wendy Capito

Elementary and middle school: Salisbury Academy

College: West Virginia University

Major: Management with pre-med emphasis

Career goal: Physician

Sports: Varsity football, indoor track

Leadership: International Club president

Outside of school: interned, worked, competed at The Forum of Salisbury

Defining moment: When I started working out, it showed me that hard work and dedication pays off.

High school success: Doing the work, staying motivated, good friends, sports.

If I had $10 million, I would: Start my own business and invest in stocks.

Walker Hartpence

Parents: Ken and Lauren Hartpence

Elementary school: Overton Elementary School

Middle school: Salisbury Academy

College: East Carolina University to major in supply chain management

Career goal: To be viewed as an expert in my field of study.

Sports: Lettered in golf, football and outdoor track.

Leadership positions: Co-secretary of International Club, Crosby Scholars member, National Honor Society member.

Outside of school: Employee at Jersey Mike’s Subs and fishing with friends.

Defining moment: Hiking Mount Pilatus in Switzerland.

The secret to your high school success: Time management.

Roshen Chetan Amin

Roshen Chetan Amin

Elementary and middle school: Salisbury Academy

College: Planning to go to Duke University and studying pre-health.

Career goal: Become a dentist.

Sports: Varsity swimming for four years and varsity cross country for three years

Leadership positions: President of Key Club, vice-president of Interact Club, secretary for Junior Civilian Club, wrote grants for nursing homes and was a member of the board of directors of the J.F. Hurley YMCA

Defining moment: Getting into my dream school, Duke.

While it was fairly recent, it was proof that all the hard work I put in and out of school paid off, and will definitely be a glowing memory for the rest of my life.

Secret to high school success: Learning how to balance my studying, sports, and friendships.

If I had $10 million, I would: Probably help fund scientific and medical research. Being one that has always been fascinated with the far reaches of science, I would want nothing more than to contribute to the field. Plus, the current pandemic is the quintessential example of the importance of science and medicine in nearly all aspects of life.