Letter: Reduce salary of Lynn Good instead of raising bill

Published 12:00 am Sunday, May 24, 2020

Last month, I received my electric bill and it informed me the bill was $159.99 higher than the previous month.

I have suggestion for Duke Energy: reduce the salary for your CEO Lynn Good. Today, I do not know the exact amount, but in 2017 it was over $21 million. Why is she worth this?

It is not her job to find out why the coal is is a problem in Huntersville and Iredell County and why it happened. We did not cause it. They did. I feel they will want us to pay for the clean up, and I am not in favor.

I would not let Duke Energy put the smart meter on my house because they are not safe. Since I did not do this, they charged me $125 plus $12 each month in addition to my electric bill. If Duke Energy is really concerned about my electric bill, take off the $12 extra per month and return the $125.

The answer please, How much is Ms. Lynn Good making now?

— Linda Connelly