Letter: Wearing masks makes statement

Published 6:27 pm Friday, May 22, 2020

Why do so many of us refuse to wear a face mask in public places? Even store employees who come in contact with hundreds each day do not wear face masks.

One thought is most do not understand that wearing a face mask will not protect the one wearing it from getting COVID-19. The mask is not about you.

Wearing a facemask means the world is treating everyone equally — equally as in treating everyone as if they are infected with COVID-19. This concept was developed in the 1980s with HIV — now called universal precautions. This was to protect all. Now, no one thinks a thing about a healthcare professional donning gloves for the simplest procedure.

Today, everyone is considered equally to have COVID-19. Many people actually have COVID-19 without symptoms. These people are unaware that they are spreading the virus.

It has been proven that wearing a facemask that covers from the bridge of the nose to beneath the chin (nose and mouth) will prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Wearing a mask makes the statement “I care about you, your love ones and my loved ones.”

Wearing a mask shows that you have respect for others, especially our elders and those with medical illnesses that make them more vulnerable to this horrible virus.

We are just beginning to see how deadly this virus is to children. These could be your and my children and grandchildren.

Wearing a mask makes the statement that you do not want to see another fellow human infected with COVID-19.

Wearing a mask makes you a hero. Wearing a mask lets the rest of us know that you care about others, you respect others and you are willing to do your part to protect all from COVID-19.

What does not wearing a mask mean? I hope you will ponder that.

— Marybeth Walker