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Published 12:00 am Tuesday, May 19, 2020

… Sen. Carl Ford encourages increased crowds …

Disease is and will always be part of life. No government can make sickness leave this earth. We cannot pick and choose which illnesses are scarier than another. What scares me may not scare you. If you have fear, stay home, stay safe, in the way you see fit.

— Linda Belcher

Thank you, Senator Ford, for taking a bold stand against the forces of evil that are trying to take over our state and nation. If we do not continue fighting, the future of America is very grim. I think those who are opposed to this fight have lost sight of the origins of our country.

—Elizabeth Hilton

Letter: Don’t give Sen. Ford platform for promotion

Spreading misinformation is not leading, it’s instigating. Rather than follow scientific guidelines, he and his followers choose to believe these trumped up conspiracy theories. Sadly, it will cost lives.

— April Eddinger Sherrill

I know Salisbury votes “blue.” A good newspaper reports the news. It amazes me when people become offended by the news. It’s just the news.

— Todd Paris

Letter: Trump makes COVID-19 into partisan issue

I feel sorry for you that President Donald Trump walks around and lives in your mind 24/7 rent free. You need another hobby besides watching Rachel Maddow on MSNBC.”

— Vera Cope

President Trump has dealt with this thing as well as anyone could. But you hate him, so it doesn’t matter.

— JR Neumiller

Local residents support slain Georgia man with run, walk …

I hope you, Shavonne, will add to this story that he was not just innocently out jogging. If you were current with the information, you would have reported the facts. This does not mean he should have been killed, but he was shot during a struggle.

— Pam Laferty Currie

Ahmaud was out jogging and minding his business before he was accosted by the McMichaels. Anyone faced with a gun would naturally defend themselves. Let’s not minimize this by saying Ahmaud was shot “during a struggle.”

— Regina Perry

Pam Laferty Currie, you must have watched a different video than the rest of America watched.

— Jatana Snider Jernigan

RSS will keep feeding children this summer

We need to consolidate the bus routes. There are two buses that stop at the same time near my house.

Why? This could save money for sure.

— Lyndsay Tomlinson

Use something more economical than a school bus.

Also, don’t put out the stop sign and arms since there are no children going onto or coming off the bus. No need to hold up people who are trying to get to work.

— Mark Cantrell

They aren’t worried about saving money. This is publicity for them, and the schools aren’t losing any money with children not being there.

In the fall when this is over, they will say we can’t cut school funding because of this.

— Will Meacham

Letter: God-given rights trampled on during shutdown

I am having a hard time understanding why you feel your rights are being “trampled.” The president’s administration set the guidelines for the response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The president deferred execution of the guidelines to the governors. The president said he accepted no responsibility for the response.

— George W. Benson

Kids in cages, mass incarceration, racism, slavery, racial profiling, police brutality, prosecutorial misconduct, homelessness, discrimination and the list goes on, and people are mad because they cannot go shopping. Really?

— Jackie Miller

Landis pushes forward as embezzlement …

While we all will be relieved when the dark clouds clear, we are so very fortunate to now have a mayor and board who are not puppets of the prior town manager.

— Margaret-Marvi Deadmon