Letter: Why let out prisoners  for virus?

Published 12:00 am Sunday, May 17, 2020

I don’t understand the logic of prisoners being released during this COVID-19 crisis. Like most of us, they already have a stay-at-home order in place. They, too, have lost jobs, but their actions dictated that, not some out-of-the-blue virus that has swept the world.

They have their room and board and can easily be segregated if necessary. Doctors, shrinks and basic medical care available to all.

When I think about it, a prison might be one of the safest places to be during this pandemic.

Yet, various leaders across the country feel it’s a good idea to release some of these people. Hopefully, the violent ones will stay in place. Hopefully, as a condition for the others, these prisoners have a place to go. Wherever they end up, I imagine it will be hard for them to find a job. More than likely, they’ll be just another mouth to feed for some good, decent person.

I realize being anywhere is better than being in prison. But considering public safety and the contagion of the virus itself, it doesn’t seem wise or serve any purpose to start granting freedom to those who probably shouldn’t be free in the first place.

— Allan Gilmour