Letter: Trump makes COVID-19 into partisan issue

Published 12:00 am Thursday, May 14, 2020

Writers on the opinion page have questioned coverage of the present occupant of the White House.   

Unfortunately, he has made the coronavirus, known as COVID-19, a partisan issue by his gross mishandling and lack of preparation for the crisis. He cannot contain himself from his horrific language, quack medicine salesmanship, goading China into a Cold War of sorts, corruption and getting rid of all who try to present a correct message in the face of his lies. After Sept. 11, 2001, the country rallied around former Republican President George Bush, and would have done so around Donald Trump if he had shown any leadership at all.

Today, he continues to rail against all who propose sanely and bravely dealing with the massive crisis, which has been made much worse because of his many failures. Criticism voiced against his regime are from people who are presenting reality. He incites followers to protest with guns to terrorize leaders to reopen the country without the adequate testing needed, as health experts say.   

His serious division of this country, as he has dismantled most of the systems of governance before, continues despite the pandemic.

Why was the U.S. so ill-prepared for such a crisis? Others had predicted a pandemic would happen years ago, and former presidents prepared as well as they could, but Trump destroyed those plans.  He ignored early warnings and made stupid comments to put off those who would warn him and try to prepare. He was late to ever get on board and even then undermined the health authorities, as he continues to do today.

   He has made coronavirus a highly partisan and divisive issue. Many of us had wondered if the democratic republic, the United States, would survive his presidency before corona “came a-calling.” And now, as devastation runs amok in our once great country,  questions are multiplied.   

— Pat Bullard

China Grove