Letter: Just wait a little while longer for virus cure

Published 12:00 am Thursday, May 14, 2020

COVID-19 is a terrifying event that has now become a historical moment for us all. It is believed the first case of COVID-19 occurred in November 2019.

This deadly virus brought fear and devastation all around me, but I am confused about why we are opening large stores and restaurants. There are still cases spreading but we allow the mall and restaurants with an outside dining area to open up.

What I think we should do is keep all large stores and areas where there will be a large gathering closed down. Yes, people should stay inside and not go to see friends or interact with people. We should not travel and go on nice vacations.

This virus has pulled people apart, but it also has pulled us together in a way that is so phenomenal it’s hard to describe.

I think if we just wait a little while longer and try to find the antidote to this virus, we can over come it. Everybody just needs to keep their heads up, follow rules and maintain a healthy lifestyle. I think is all we need is a little self-confidence and a little bit more patience and we could overcome this virus.

— Damian Stephens