Letter: Ford doesn’t get enough support for hard work

Published 12:00 am Thursday, May 14, 2020

Rowan County voters should pay attention to the great work Sen. Carl Ford is doing.

As a member of the North Carolina Senate, Sen. Ford has brought much economic stability to his district. Ford is currently finishing up his first term as a North Carolina senator and is running for re-election for Senate District 33.

Ford has advocated his support for the working class, has had a presence in our health care system and has supported raising teacher pay in North Carolina. Ford was even a primary sponsor of the recent COVID-19 recovery act, which is a bipartisan bill that provides aid to North Carolinians in response to the Coronavirus.

As a pillar of his community, Sen. Carl Ford is not appreciated enough. He has served his community for his entire life and he has always looked out for Rowan County residents’ best interests.

As a public servant, Senator Ford cares about his constituents. Instead of pointing fingers, let us come together and appreciate our local leadership. I am proud to have Ford as my senate senator.

—Giovanni “Vincent” Spillman