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Published 12:00 am Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Letter: County commissioners should reopen Rowan

The stay-at-home order truly has been a challenge for every North Carolinian. However, because the majority of people in our state are willingly cooperating in this time of crisis, the death rate from the virus is one of the lowest in the South. I hope our county commissioners will continue to practice patience and follow the Governor’s plan.

— Karen McGee  Puckett

John Hood: Debt incurred now only delays when bill …

What happened to the Tea Party and fiscal conservatives in the GOP?

— William H Moffitt

Editorial: County will find out whether spike in cases results

This editorial nails it. Most Rowan County citizens do what they want. For someone in the susceptible group, a trip to your local Food Lion is taking a risk with your health. I guess the feel of privilege outweighs the saying “Do unto others…”

— George W Benson

You might survive COVID-19, but grandma and uncle Joe with immune issues will not after it is brought home. Grandma and Joe will bring it to the hospital before they die.

This shows how selfish our society has become. The same folks that say they support healthcare workers or support the troops are not willing to sacrifice just a little bit longer for the good of our country.

— David Brown

“How about the economy” is the wrong question. One should ask, “What is the value of a human life?” A human being cannot be replaced with a job, an economy, a stock or a bond.

— Reginald Brown

Landis finance officer says town ‘heading in the right direction’

The $30 vehicle tax is supposed to be to pave the roads only, as was stipulated when imposed, not for sidewalks. We have streets that need to be repaved that have gotten no consideration because they are on the wrong side of town.

— Kenny Goodman

Letter: Letters, columns in Post bash Trump

Are you suggesting that the Post trample the First Amendment rights of people who don’t share your opinions?

— Lisa Staton Dyer

The person writing this letter must have been in a coma between January 2009 and January 2017.

— Jason A. Harwood

Encourage Republicans to write more. As you said, there’s more of them than there are Democrats in this county.

— Ron Scruggs

Parkdale Mills in Salisbury joins Landis site in closing …

They should have took a deal in past from Hanes. The Lexington pant was bought out from same company years ago. Look what they are making: the mask.

— Larry Graves

Governor agrees to ease stay-home order later this week

I don’t understand why they would allow Webb Road Flea Market to open as bad as this virus is but won’t let a beauty shop open.

— Brenda Earnhardt

City manager decides against requesting landfill …

The city needs to figure out how to work with the money they have the same way all of the citizens of Salisbury have to manage a household budget. We have had enough tax increases and fee increases.

— Dennis Lunsford

Norfolk Southern to eliminate 85 jobs, idle Linwood yard

This is something that’s been in the works for some time, and the COVID-19 slowdown is just their excuse.

Norfolk Southern has been shutting down hump yards all over their system and driven off customers all in the name of efficiency as determined by a magical “operating ratio” that makes them look good to Wall Street corporate raiders.

— Eric Shock

Data shows Rowan County, NC rank low in social distancing …

Of course we rank low. We have anti-vaxx idiots whining that they can’t have their get-togethers and competing idiots that think the whole thing is overblown — or a hoax — and are demanding that everything open up again.

— Chris Coleman

I read that the data is coming from cellphone location and such. I know a lot of people that work out of town and are essential workers so how would that cell phone data know that?

— Laurie Deal Wilson