Letter: Public needs more detailed statistics

Published 12:00 am Thursday, May 7, 2020

We are fortunate to receive the data that we do about the cases of COVID-19, but it may be miss leading because they leave out one very important number: the number of tests made on the different type of individuals tested. 

For example, if they are comparing men and women, we need to know how many men were tested and how many women were tested. Say they tested 1400 people — 1000 women and 400 men. There might be 250 women who tested positive (25%) and 200 men tested positive (50%). If they do not tell how many of each category, you would think that women are doing a better job of following instructions or are less susceptible to the virus than the men when actually one man out of two has the virus. 

It makes no difference whether you are comparing age, race, sex or zip codes. We need to know how many of each are tested that are being compared that way we can figure the percentages of people involved and know that they are either doing a better job of following instructions or maybe they are just less likely to catch the virus.

— Henry H Buck Jr.