Letter: Letters, columns in Post bash Trump

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, May 6, 2020

I recently began to read the Salisbury Post. It’s unbelievable the constant bashing of President Donald Trump and his supporters in this publication. With newspapers, including the Post, struggling in recent years, one would think they would look at the hometown demographics and print fair opinions and articles.

One recent opinion column from Leonard Pitts called us Trump supporters  “goobers in MAGA hats.” How insulting! Would he call Jewish people “goobers in yarmulkes,” Muslims “goobers in hijabs” or even Mexicans “goobers in sombreros” for their political beliefs?

Your letters to the editor constantly voice hatred for the president of the United States. While people are free to hate him, this man has made my country more secure, safer and successful with unemployment at its lowest in decades (before COVID-19). My 401(k) was growing by leaps and bounds.

While I don’t agree with his personal life choices, I do with his political choices. He was hired to be my president, not my pastor.

So Salisbury Post, please, in your hatred of this leader, remember your readers in Rowan are 27% Democrat, 42% Republican and 31% unaffiliated, with Democrats being the lowest percentage. Also remember that 66.51% of this county voted for Trump in 2016.

And let your readers see themselves in your publication.

— Bridgette Shealy