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Published 12:00 am Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Letter: Highlight students who are participating

Positive reporting for the win, especially during times like these.

— Suzanne Presson Crawford

Editorial: State will reopen sooner if community …

Just curious who is “out there” and not “staying at home” collecting all this information and tallying these statistics?

— Wayne Smith

Hobby Lobby among non-essential businesses …

Our tax dollars can and should go toward things other than policing who is or isn’t using social distancing.

This is the most ridiculous thing that I have read. Hobby Lobby has fought for the right to reopen while Michaels in Salisbury was opened since before Easter and after.

— Lynnette Konecny

The problem is that you need to be smart about social distancing, but some people have to have it drawn out in crayon. Others want to just complain about who is open.

— Tammy and Todd McNeely

Letter: Most corrupt administration in history

The Democratic Party is a bunch of sore losers and they now have a mental case running against President Donald Trump.

Joe Biden is a joke. He’s too busy trying to sniff young girls hair and babbling on about stupid things.

— James Lambert

Local legislators respond to Gov. Cooper’s plan …

Rep. Harry Warren, I agree that we need more accurate data regarding this virus.

Without adequate access to testing, how is this possible?

— Karen McGee    Puckett

Health Department’s new nursing home coordinator …

This is a reactive commitment to our long-term care facilities. Fixed it for you.

— Mark Cantrell

Second survey indicates worsening impact …

I feel for the business owners. I enjoy shopping downtown Salisbury. I would really love to visit the shops again. I’m hoping this quarantine will be over soon.

— Marion LeBleu

Reopen NC rally planned Saturday in downtown Salisbury

Have you seen the lines of people waiting for food?

Open the state and let people decide to stay home or not.

— Jimm Whalen

I  just don’t understand why people think their rights are being violated.

The federal government under the direction of the President set the guidelines for this war on COVID-19. I say be a good citizen and follow the guidelines.

— George W. Benson

Do you want the government to open businesses so that the jobless will no longer be able to receive benefits?

— Reginald Brown

Any person who understands this virus would certainly not protest for a reopen.

By doing this, you are putting others at risk for your own personal agenda, which some might say is very ungodly.

— Anna Harrell

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the press stayed home and this little group didn’t get any attention?

— Joanne Stewart

Reopen protesters call for end to stay-at-home order

This is a disease that we have no resistance to which can cause permanent lung damage in people who survive it.

Salisbury Post, if you’re going to give a platform to these idiots, you need to at least counterbalance with actual facts.

— Jonathon Bost

We’d like to thank Ms. Moomey for her integrity in practicing actual journalism without the slant of personal bias. It is so encouraging to know there are those who understand the great value of sharing both sides of an issue.

— Danny Belcher

I wish Ms. Moomey had lead with the fact that Ms. Hilton was an anti-vaxxer. I could have skipped reading the article because her opinions are worthless.

— Chris Coleman

Will these same people stand in front of the courthouse and hold signs to end mass incarceration and prosecutorial and police misconduct? Yet, they can protest to shop. Sitting inside a church does not make a person a Christian.

— Jackie Miller

Health Department’s new nursing home coordinator …

You need to ensure every nursing home can test every resident, whether they’re symptomatic or not. Clearly, congregate living needs less restrictions for testing than the general public. That’s the only way to prevent further outbreaks.

— Amanda Leigh Harborth