Increase in positive COVID-19 cases slower last week in Rowan County

Published 3:36 am Monday, May 4, 2020

SALISBURY — The number of positive COVID-19 cases in Rowan last week grew at its slowest rate since late March and early April.

From April 26 to Saturday, the Rowan County Health Department’s figures show an increase of 45 positive cases and five deaths. The number of people who recovered also topped 100.  On Sunday afternoon, the Health Department said there were two more cases, increasing the local total to 381 COVID-19 positive tests in Rowan County. That number included 247 active cases, as well as 25 deaths and 14 people hospitalized.

Last week’s increase of 45 cases is compared to an increase of 83 positive tests from April 19 to April 25, 149 positives from April 12 to April 18 and 48 positives from April 5 to April 11.

One month ago, from March 29 to April 4, there was an increase of just 29 cases.

The slower increase in positive cases comes as public health officials continue to encourage people to wear face coverings or masks in public places, to stay home when possible and to practice social distancing.

On Sunday, the Rowan County Public Health Command Center also released considerations for those living in close quarters, including a sharing a small apartment and those living in the same household with large families.

“If your household includes one or more vulnerable individuals, then all family members should act as if they, themselves, are at higher risk,” a news release said.

The command center advised people to limit errands, leaving only when needed for food, medications, medical treatment or work. When leaving, a news release said, people should choose one to two family members who are not at risk, wear a facemark or cloth covering and avoid riding in a car with members of different families.

In a household where someone is sick, families should try to provide a separate bedroom and bathroom for the person, if that’s possible. If not, officials said to separate from sick household members as much as possible, including having only one person caring for the sick person, disinfecting shared bathrooms frequently and not letting sick people prepare food.

Across the state on Sunday, there were 11,664 positive cases, 422 deaths and 143,835 completed tests. On Sunday, there were 475 people hospitalized.