Letter: Clarity in a maelstrom of uncertainty?

Published 12:00 am Sunday, May 3, 2020

In his recent column, John Hood wrote about the uncertainty caused by COVID-19.  He argued that “it would definitely help matters if government leaders spoke with greater clarity about when and how they plan to ease restrictions on our freedoms” and the governments are “holding (its) cards close to (its) chests.” He fails to explain how anyone can speak with greater clarity in a maelstrom of uncertainty.

Is it not hypocritical for him and freedom-loving protesters to ask for their personal freedoms while wearing masks. They carry signs and say, “I’ll take the risk,” but ignore the risk they pass along to everyone else and to the healthcare system.  And they seem to forget that the “private sector” health care system is almost completely supported with tax dollars, which they also oppose — through Medicare, Medicaid and tax-deductible premiums.

To those who claim that they paid Medicare taxes, the average taxpayer contributes about $30,000 over a lifetime and receives benefits of $200,000. That is not “paying your own way.”

Yes, we’re a country of freedom-loving individuals. But we also are all connected and having difficulty staying only 6 feet apart.

— David Post