Talkback, what online readers say about …

Published 11:58 pm Monday, April 27, 2020

… Local company designing, shipping N95 mask machines

Ironically the company representatives, mayor and county commissioner in the accompanying photo are not maintaining appropriate social distancing, but at least two are wearing masks in a story related to mask production.

— Michael Mills

Salisbury Police to make policy changes following Thelma’s …

It is always wonderful to hear that SPD was able to gain control of a situation without use of force.

— Steve Noell

RSS Superintendent Lynn Moody joins discussion …

1,200 students that haven’t been in contact with the schools? Send school social workers with resource officers to make sure they’re allright and see if they need anything. Schools closed in mid-March. Some contact should have been made by now.

— Jatana Snider Jernigan

Letter: Listen to both sides about COVID-19

President Trump actually denied publicly for weeks there was a virus issue. One person had it, then 15 people had it but we would be at zero soon. The summer heat would kill it. Then it was a Democrat hoax.

— George W. Benson

John Bream: Outbreak at Citadel nursing home …

Sounds like total incompetence on the nursing homes part. Someone needs to be replaced. I wonder how many lawsuits this will result in.

— Lisa Dodd

This report is extremely disturbing on many levels. I am thankful for Dr. Bream for his continued updates, and the integrity to blow the whistle on this tragic yet avoidable situation. I just pray that there will be no negative repercussions for him, professionally.

— Eric Shock

This entire situation is sickening.

Accordius totally fumbled the ball and refuses to accept responsibility for their actions.

—Scott Monroe Hawkins

Most concerning to me is the inaction and the negligence of our county health department when we are depending on them to keep ahead of this pandemic and keeping the citizens of Rowan County properly informed.

— Vera Cope

Thank you Dr. Bream for your strong advocacy for patients. To have been conscientious and determined to seek some type of investigation on this is commendable.

To say “thank you” seems so insignificant, but your publicizing this will help the families get closure.

— Chris Sharpe

… Complaints under nursing home’s previous ownership

If this facility has so many workers who tested positive, who is taking care of the residents at this time? If they were already short staffed before, this makes me worry for those residents even more.

— Lyndsay Tomlinson

Nearly 1,100 RSS students not participating …

Community journalism should support the efforts of the community schools, but instead you have chosen to intentionally elicit negative comments. This is shamefully slanted journalism, and I am disgusted by it.

— Megan Wylie Parrish

Rowan-Salisbury Schools was in the unique position of having already provided all students with their own devices, which has enabled them to meet students electronically right in their homes. Our district has received attention from across the nation for the innovation leaders at RSS have put in place.

— Jon Steele

I was and am proud to say my child was part of a school district that already participated in e-learning on a small scale prior to the pandemic and, therefore, was positioned to quickly and decisively be able to employ a learning alternative during unprecedented outside influences.

— Darcy Sanders Grimes

Sheriff says Rowan County jail population dips to record low …

When this is over, it will be twice as full. “Do the crime, do the time” is not true anymore. Now it’s, “Do the crime. Don’t worry about it. Go home.”

— Tommy Wingler

Letter: Why no public comments, limb pickup in Landis?

You got an apology by the acting manager and explanation as to why your comment was not read. But that it self was not enough. You had to still continue to complain about limbs laying in your yard for a couple days.

— Dennis Lowery

Bill Cansler: A man of many talents

Mr. Cansler (I just am not comfortable calling him Bill) was a wonderful teacher as well as coach. I was in high school the entire time he was at Woodleaf, and I remember him with such fondness and respect. He made me love social studies so much that it was my minor in college.

He not only touched the lives of athletes, he touched the lives of many, many students and was a wonderful influence. He taught us how to be good people and good citizens and he is loved.

— Judy Wood