Letter: Make school improvement teams separate from RSS control

Published 12:00 am Sunday, April 19, 2020

We regularly get requests for the replacement of existing school buildings. It is usually based on the age of the buildings. If age is the replacement criteria, then most all of Rowan County and Salisbury city buildings would need replacement.

Buildings are important and an indication of the public commitment to quality and/or the ability to pay for that quality. I contend that Rowan-Salisbury either does not care enough, lacks the resources or does not have the community involvement to know what is needed.

I believe that Rowan County lacks the community involvement to know what is needed. The solution to building needs and low school performance is community involvement. Good schools do not happen without community involvement.

Many of those in positions of responsibility have stated that they cannot get the community involvement. I disagree. The community is willing to participate and be involved if they believe they can make a difference.

The solution is something that is already state law. That is school improvement teams.

However, they need to be independent of RSS and school board control. This would not take any power from RSS or the school board. School improvement teams are the method of getting the community involved and better education results.

Is it not apparent that there is a lack of direction and community involvement?

This is my suggestion. If you have a different suggestion, I challenge you to submit it to the community and the readers of the Salisbury Post.

— John Leatherman