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Published 12:00 am Friday, April 17, 2020

Local nursing home site of COVID-19 outbreak

We need honesty and transparency to keep this under control.

— Mark Cantrell

Kannapolis pair charged with violation of stay-at-home …

I suddenly found myself longing for the time not so long ago when felony breaking-and-entering and larceny would have received top billing over misdemeanor failure-to-stay-at-home.

Perhaps the perpetrators thought breaking and entering and larceny were under the heading of “essential businesses.”

— Mack Williams

Letter: Cooper should put NC back to work

Thank god you’re not governor. You have no clue about what’s going on. We don’t know how many people have the virus. Not enough testing.

— William H. Moffitt

City to appeal federal decision, seeks to protect water …

This should be a “most-watched” story of 2020, as it affects the entire county. It is my hope that Salisbury-Rowan Utilities prevails on the appeal of this matter.

— Jeff Morris

Political notebook: Ford says governor’s COVID-19 …

We are fortunate to have a governor who stepped up with quick and decisive leadership to minimize this devastating virus in our great state. Certainly, our economy is hurting, but we have had bad economic times before and the economy recovered. The first priority is defeating this virus.

— Cynthia Proctor Russell

Under these circumstances with this disease we should err on the side of caution and leave the politics on the back burner.

—Barry Stokes

I would prefer extreme caution continue to be exercised. It appears that an explosion of cases are occurring in our area nursing homes.

— David Fletcher Hord III

… Citadel nursing home residents, family member speak

You have residents and staff suffering all because the company did not want to provide the correct personal protective equipment or get anyone tested and also couldn’t follow their own guidelines during a lockdown. So, now the whole building is suffering.

— Cristina Toya Jonez

They need to get those people out and shut it down.

— Lynnette Konecny

The state needs to check these places a lot more carefully and make sure the patients are being cared for properly.

They charge enough each month to get better help and conditions for the patients. They are very expensive places to stay in and do not provide the care you pay for.

— Margaret Keys

Editorial: County must double down on transparency

Maybe with more details, the public would take this much more seriously.

— Kyle J. Huffman

NC congressmen discuss funding options …

If you are running a small business, just incorporate to a hedge fund to gamble Wall Street style, and the government will give you trillions of dollars within 24 hours and you will never have to pay it back.

— Eric Vandeford

Editorial: Better ways for elected officials to help during COVID-19

I was curious if, since no specifics were given, there were any suggestions on how to isolate or protect the vulnerable people.

As one of those, I need assurance that I can live safely. I won’t be changing my new way of life anytime soon without it, and I am sure I am not alone in that thought..

— George W Benson

… County likely to see more positive COVID-19 cases

No one is staying at home. I work for local government; they cut our staff back and now we are busier than ever because folks that are out of work are coming in our office for one reason or another for things that could wait.

— Toni Megliorino

When I finally ventured out to get groceries and a prescription refill, I was shocked to see people everywhere.

Traffic was same as usual. When I went on Walmart, I was also shocked to see a group of four to five young girls approximately 12-13 years old running around Walmart unsupervised.

— Lisa Taylor

How many people in Novant have it? The VA? How about other nursing homes. How many medical professionals have contracted it? Status of personal protective equipment supplies at these places?

— Todd Paris

… Walker attracting offers from the big boys

You’re getting it done on the field, but most importantly you’re getting it done in the classroom! That alone will keep those looks coming.

— Eric Shock

Ferrel Guillory: Educators show professionalism …

When we are on the other side, we should remember they stepped up even when they are constantly being left out of the pay raises and perks other state employees receive.

— Amanda Bosch