Letter: African Americans must be aware of what’s happening

Published 12:00 am Sunday, April 12, 2020

This is just a note to remind people here in Salisbury and other states, cities and counties there are laws on the books that prevent people from wearing facial masks in public. But, especially for my African American people, I want you to be careful when you go out.  

Recently on the news there were two African Americans in Walmart (not our local store) who were asked to leave because they were wearing masks. Given recent suggestions by the Centers for Disease Control about wearing masks in public and social distancing, we, as African Americans, can’t be too careful. 

We are already at a disadvantage. With the number of African Americans dying during this pandemic, I want us to be safe and doubly aware of what is happening. Here in Salisbury, we have that ordinance, and I hope that it does not happen here. 

Deedee Wright