Police: Victim argued with someone before shooting in Jersey City neighborhood

Published 12:46 pm Friday, April 3, 2020

By Shavonne Potts


SALISBURY — The 27-year-old victim of a gunshot was involved in an altercation Thursday before the incident on a corner of the Jersey City neighborhood, according to police spokesman Lt. Lee Walker.

Jateare McNeal was shot on Thursday afternoon at the corner of West Cemetery and North Caldwell streets. He went to the Jersey City Store across the street for help.

Walker said McNeal had been inside a vehicle with someone. They got out of the car at the corner and began fighting. At some point, McNeal was shot during the argument. He was taken to a hospital and is now in stable condition.

Police investigators remained at the scene on Thursday for some time, collecting evidence and talking with any witnesses.

No arrests have been made and police have not released any other details.