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Published 12:00 am Friday, March 20, 2020

RSS calls emergency meeting …

They need to just go ahead and cancel so that families can make plans- instead of waiting until 5 a.m. Monday morning. Neighboring counties have already announced closures or extensions of spring break. Catawba College has suspended classes already.

— Heather Hill Beeker

South Carolina tribe gets OK to build Kings Mountain casino

Prior to European colonization, the Cherokee were historical enemies of the Catawba and their cousin tribes: the Tutelo, Cheraw, and Wateree (among others). Fast forward 500 years and the two tribes are still enemies.

— Eric Shock

… Applications may be paused to alter city ordinance

Mayor, the only thing that is “woefully inadequate” about the landmark program is your lack of understanding of the process. The process is spelled out clearly in the state historic preservation law, and the ordinance that was passed by the city in 2017 follows that law.

— Karen Bowyer

Editorial: Avoid burdening system by flattening curve …

Those that complain about the cancellations happening, how selfish. A temporary reprieve from the whirlwind of life should be welcomed. How many times have “we” been advised to slow down and get some rest? This is that time to embrace the gift. Take the time to “reboot.” The rat race will resume shortly.

— Cynthia Hillard

Letter: True opposition to Sunday voting not spoken

Thank you, Keith Townsend, for speaking up about the unspoken true reasons behind not approving Sunday voting: voter oppression.

— Renee Wimbish

Carl Ford and Harry Warren are two people who should step away from this conversation.

They are part of the group that tried “surgical precision” and was summarily slapped on the wrist by the federal courts.

Voting has consequences and it is time to use the vote to send them both home.

— Chris Sharpe

Guest column: How ‘Family Over Everything’ …

This helps dispel an entrenched stereotype, often heard in the white community, that African American families are broken and have an absence of male parenting. I volunteer five days a week at the Essie Mae Kiser Foxx Charter School and see fathers coming to events and picking their children up.

In addition, the participation of members of fraternities whenever we put out the call is really gratifying.

— Whitney Peckman

Spencer, East Spencer turn private ..

We don’t pay taxes to pay the Mayor’s buddies.

— Steven Olsen

… Convenience, business growth factors …

So does this mean that Rowan County is becoming a bedroom community of Charlotte?

— Mark Lyerly

Rowan-Salisbury Schools will provide work for students …

Thank you, teachers, for this wonderful, streamlined, coordinated effort for our students.

You made everything so easy.

You truly went above and beyond.

– Shelley Harper Palmer

To me, this shows the readiness and caring of the education system of Salisbury-Rowan schools. May “we” be an example to other districts.

— Cynthia Hillard

… Budd votes against, Hudson for Coronavirus Response Act

Wasn’t the 2017 tax cut “written in secret and sprung on (Democrat) House members at midnight with minutes to digest (over a trillion) of dollars in new (tax cuts) and regulatory impact. Washington lobbyists even had versions of the bill before members of Congress.” Rep. Budd is right: “That’s not how our government should be run” by either political party.

— David Post

Local historical landmarks applications …

The Salisbury City Council is sending mixed messages: we are having a public hearing today in regards to putting a 60-day moratorium on new applications for historic landmarks in the city, but the public needs to stay away due to the potential coronavirus spread from the gathering.

— Michael Young

Heggins asks city to stop disconnecting water

Every citizen in Salisbury who makes at or below the living wage should receive compassionate services such as electricity, gas and water during this pandemic.

Disruption of water service would especially throw a family and potentially the community into a critically unhealthy status.

— Von Dixon

Commissioners reapprove two treehouses …

It’s a shame the commission sided with 1 whining neighbor and interfered with a good venue development that brings visitors from all over the country .

— Kenny Goodman

How will NCAA recoup millions from lost tournament?

The NCAA along with many other sports and entertainment venues will be dealing with this ‘force majeure’ based on contract law, and with their insurers, for years to come.

— Jeff Morris

Sheriff’s office conducts raid at Lucky Duck …

They need to raid the stores and bars that have the machines, too. Some have lost thousands of dollars to these machines and law enforcement officers need to take them out too.

— James Lambert

Letter: Healthy until proven sick

You must be one of those Trumpanzees whistling past the graveyard.

— William H Moffitt