Letter: Trash on Klumac, NC 150 embarrassment to city

Published 12:00 am Thursday, March 19, 2020

Can some department — state, county or city — please pick up the excessive amount of trash on the sides of the Klumac Road or N.C. 150 between Main Street and Jake Alexander Boulevard?

Last year, it took me five weeks and five different departments to get someone to cut the grass and trim back the weeds.Each person with whom I spoke said it was someone else’s responsibility.

Finally, it was cut, but the underlying trash was just torn up and strewn all over. Now, there is months more trash, which needs to be collected.

Don’t we have people to do that?

It is truly an embarrassment and a shameful portrayal of our city to anyone coming in from the interstate. I walk to work on this leg of N.C. 150, and you can clearly see that there are clean stretches which are maintained privately.

Please do something.

— Regina Miller