Doug Creamer: Viruses bite

Published 12:00 am Saturday, March 7, 2020

Doug Creamer

I am always careful with the computer. I do like to watch YouTube and videos people post on Facebook. But if you were to look at my history on the computer, you would see mostly weather related websites.

We have always had some type of virus software on our computers because we know that there are some vicious people in the world. I keep my virus software current and it does catch things from time to time.

Several years ago I got into something that caused me to pay for a stronger virus protection program. Once installed, things cleared right up. I didn’t renew the product and returned to just the basic virus software for the last couple of years. That was until this past weekend.

I heard a story of a celebrity Christian who was healed of cancer. His story was powerful and encouraging. I discovered that he has a website similar to EncouragingU where he posts positive and encouraging stories. The stories are professionally produced and I wanted to create links from my website to them.

I searched for the name of the site and found one of the results labeled, “Official Website.” I clicked on it and it looked right. There was the celebrity and the stories looked interesting. I clicked on a couple stories which did not lead to what was labeled. Then as I clicked on things multiple windows started opening. The windows led to products and services I did not want. I quickly realized I hit the wrong site and left.

I found the correct site and it was great. But I was having all kinds of problems. Every time I clicked a link on any other site, uninvited windows were opening. I did virus scans and updated my ad-blocking app. Things started to improve. I thought I had it licked. I was cautious. I noticed that the uninvited windows would still open, but more sporadically.

I thought I would try shutting down. When I brought the computer back up, whatever had found a home on my computer had shut down my virus software. I couldn’t access it and it warned me that I was unprotected. I went to the website to download a fresh copy. I was immediately diverted. Naturally, my blood pressure and agitation were rising.

Thankfully I know a few things about computers and was able to finally get the virus program resurrected. The company offers a stronger program which I downloaded, with quite a few hassles. Once the “Pro” version of the program was running, I ran another virus scan and found over a dozen viruses had moved in thinking they found a new home. I deleted them and now I am hoping my computer is virus free.

What a crazy waste of my time, energy, and money. I called Lifelock and my bank to be sure nothing suspicious was going on there. I was pleased to know all the levels of protection they both have in place. It is sad to think that we live in a society where we have to have these kinds of protections.

I know that many of you have a different virus on your minds. I see the news, too. Actually, I am teaching kids in China through the internet. My kids have been out of school for a while, but all the families I deal with seem healthy. We have to choose how we will live. We can live in fear and filled with worry, or we can live in faith. I am choosing to live in faith.

I know God wants me to pray, not only for our nation, but for the people in China. I can also do what I do for any virus – wash my hands, use sanitizer, and be wise. I am going to continue to gather with my brothers and sisters in Christ, pray, and worship a God who is bigger than any virus. I am asking and believing that He is at work to protect us. I am going to live with joy in my heart, faith in my God, and hope for a bright future.

I want to encourage you to pray for all the people who are suffering from some type of virus, not just the one. I also want to encourage you to build up your faith, hope, and trust in a good and merciful God. Be wise, wash your hands, and put your faith in God. I am hoping that the computer virus will be the only one we will fight in our household. Peace, blessings, and God’s divine protection for all of us.

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