Letter: Mockery of justice in House, Senate

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, March 3, 2020

We witnessed a mockery of justice in both the House and Senate.

In the House, people came forward and testified what they witnessed or heard. They were cross examined by Republicans. After this hearing, there was an impeachment vote.

Republicans all voted “no” impeachment; they were partial.

Democrats didn’t want to seem partial so they had a few of their party vote with the Republicans.

Now, the Senate. The chaplain read an invocation asking for God’s guidance, not Senate Leader Mitch McConnell’s or President Donald Trump’s.

Next, the chief justice of the Supreme Court and the senators took their vows.

The Democratic House members presented what was told to the House by patriotic Americans. What were Trump’s lawyers there for? To tell the witnesses what they really saw, what they did not see and that they did not, in fact, hear what they heard.

Why didn’t the chief justice call for a point of order when some of Trump’s lawyers repeatedly said to Democrats that they didn’t do their job and were leaving it up to the Senate to acquit or indict the president? Where were these lawyers when the House had its hearing?

Trump’s lawyers wouldn’t be doing what they were doing if they hadn’t done their job.

— Walter M. Leather