Letter: Bloomberg is best candidate among Democrats

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, March 3, 2020

I support Michael Bloomberg for the Democratic presidential nominee.

His experience as mayor of New York City, a microcosm of America, forms the basis for my choice. In 2012, with a population of 8.4 million, it was 15 times larger than Vermont, two times larger than Minnesota, 1.5 times larger than Massachusetts. His skillful leadership during 9/11 is without comparison. The diverse nature of New York City means Mayor Bloomberg dealt with myriad issues across ethnic, racial, linguistics and cultural communities. Navigating such political terrain is at best difficult if not impossible.

However, with political acumen Bloomberg formed agreements on the wide spectrum of issues inherent to a large metropolitan city. He formed coalitions to improve teacher pay, improve graduation rates, address gentrification by increasing the stock of low-income housing and develop programs assisting with post graduate education. His efforts to reduce smoking by prohibiting it in public spaces, identifying obesity with high fructose beverages and successfully engaging the National Rifle Association are modeled nationally.

Bloomberg’s experience directing an international company is exemplary. Financial clients require accurate, concise and timely information. Decisions are formulated on the best available data present in the moment. Economic tools coupled with experience allows stakeholders to act. As an electrical engineer, he is open to fact-based innovative solutions.

Wealth is not inherently evil. The three most influential movements with progressive ideas were started during the administrations of extremely wealthy men. Former President Teddy Roosevelt’s peak net wealth of $125 million gave us the Square Deal together with tighter enforcement of the Sherman Anti-Trust Act, Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s $60 million inspired the New Deal, and JFK’s $1 billion the Great Society, coupled with the Lyndon B. Johnson’s $109 million in the War on Poverty.

These qualities make Bloomberg the candidate to lead this country away from the abyss of Trumpism.

— Michael Stringer