Letter: Raise fines to stop littering on roads in Rowan County

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, February 25, 2020

I have a suggestion on how to get rid of trash along the roads in Rowan County.

Raise the fine for littering to $500 and assign 100 hours of community service to convicted offenders. The 100 hours of community service should be designated to pick up litter from the roadside. I think this will get the attention of those who are littering our roads across the county.

Two weeks ago, a torn, dirty couch and chair were left at the entrance to my development. This week, there are beer bottles alongside the entrance. This has got to stop.

Litter is concentrated along our main roads — Old Concord Road, U.S. 29, Jake Alexander Boulevard and Rowan Mill Road.

Our county needs to install cameras and put unmarked police cars to watch and write tickets. Another idea might be to have a call-in line to report the names of repeat offenders and offer a $25 reward if the report is validated (similar to Crime Stoppers).

Everywhere you go in Rowan County, you see trash that has accumulated. The fines and punishment must be heightened and enforced for this ongoing problem of dirtying our county with litter to be resolved.

— Donald Marsh