Letter: Republicans can’t claim party of law and order

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, February 18, 2020

I always thought of the Republican Party as the “Law and Order Party.” No longer.

Now, there is only one Republican I admire. He honored his “oath of office” and also the oath he took at the start of the impeachment trial. It’s too bad he’s not from N.C. so I could support and vote for him.

The rest of them are people without honor and, therefore, can’t be trusted. Can you trust someone like this to represent you in government? I can’t.

I also don’t understand these so-called religious people who support a man with the morals and beliefs and actions of President Donald Trump. Really? And they wonder why so many people are leaving the church.

Do Trump and Attorney General William Barr really expect people to believe them? True, Barr and Trump probably didn’t directly discuss actions of Roger Stone, but Trump tweeted his directions and Barr got it.

— Calvin Safrit