Letter: As a conservative, what’s it all about?

Published 12:00 am Sunday, February 9, 2020

It’s about witnessing the disgrace and demise of the Democratic Party.  It’s about House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her herd of liberals sitting on their hands as President Donald Trump gave his State of the Union Address. It’s about the new “Socialist Party” barely honoring a soldier returning to his family from war. It’s about no respect for a young girl receiving the opportunity for a better education. It’s about Pelosi refusing to even look at a conservative radio talk show host who has selflessly raised millions of dollars for charity as he was receiving an award.

It’s about Democrats sitting like stone statues as Trump mentioned a great economy, spurred by tax cuts and cutting hundreds of destructive regulations left in the wake of President Barack Obama’s failed, evil agenda. 

It’s the look of disgust on the faces of those socialists as Trump reinforced his unwavering support of religious liberty under the First Amendment. It’s about the sanctity of life and the right of every human being to be born. 

It’s about the Democrats’ hatred of a never ending vow to protect our God-given right to defend our families and ourselves through our unique, precious Second Amendment. 

It’s about a planned act from Pelosi to destroy federal documents — a felony, by the way — in the president’s ear, because she disagreed with the content.  

It’s also about a gaggle of swamp-dwelling socialists vowing to overthrow a duly elected president and 63 million supporters since long before he was sworn into office. 

It’s about a news media and big city bubble dwellers in cahoots with the “New Socialist Party,” formerly the Democratic Party, bashing and outright lying about Trump 94% of the time.    

It’s about taking back our country in November.

Randy Biggerstaff