Letter: Trexler was good employee for Baker’s shoe company

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Our friendship goes back over 60 years to 1959.

We all called Jim Trexler “JT” and did so with pride and friendship. In all the years that I have known Jim, no one ever complained of his service in helping them to buy shoes. He had customers that would sit and wait just to get Jim to help them with their shoe selections(s).  Everyone liked JT and specially us co-workers. Jim was consistently helping all his co-workers to help their customers better.

Jim was Store Manager at Ralph Baker’s Shoes in Salisbury and Lexington and then was promoted to District Manager when the firm had 10 stores. He was surely an asset and friend.

We used to have contests in the shoe stores. At that time, we would reward any employee selling more than $100,000 per year a U.S. Savings Bond along with a Golden Slipper Award trophy. JT won the award on his first year and every year that he worked at Ralph Baker’s Shoes.

He was stable, reliable and worked hard to make sure all his customers were fitted properly and were satisfied with his service.

After Jim’s wife Shirley, retired, Jim told me that he thought he would slow up a little and spend more time with Shirley.  He went from six days a week to four days a week to three days to two days a week. Then, he told me to call when I needed him.   

Just last year he brought me his store key and told me that it was time for him to retire. When he began slowing down on the hours, I told Jim that he could work as little or as much as he wanted to for the rest of his life.

JT continued to come by frequently for visits. I will miss my friend JT.   

Ralph Baker