Letter: Talk about missing the point on intelligence

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Thank you for a great newspaper.

Why is the word intelligence used in Washington, D.C.?

Talk about missing the point.

If we as concerned people are to vote for spaces in Washington, D.C., in the upcoming election, why have billions of dollars been taken for Social Security and not been repaid.

By reducing salaries by 60%, it shouldn’t take so long.

Nine of my 31 TV channels were taken over for Mr. Trump’s impeachment trial. If it’s one channel, that would be enough for me to watch.

A couple years ago our textile jobs were sold to the countries of the world. Why were the American workers not given that money? How much was it and what was it used for? Many years back, I learned to weave and fix looms. I need my part.

About any monuments in town, I will let folks buy them and return money to the taxpayers.

Ted Dry

New London