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Published 12:00 am Friday, January 31, 2020

Pierce says experience, record key in re-election bid

Craig deserves another term on the commission. We need him since he studies issues and offers practical solutions to make our county better.

— Kyle J. Huffman

Man who killed firefighter, himself battled depression …

Mental illness is a serious disease and affects many. Unless we’ve walked in those shoes or had a loved one who was/is, it’s hard to be pointing fingers.

— Donna Honeycutt Green

Sad situation. We need free and easy access to mental health care.

— Lynn Blackwater

No one seriously injured when truck overturns …

Every single day that I drove down N.C. 150 in my car, people would pull out in front of me, causing so many near misses.

It happened many times at the Summerfield housing development. The worst place by far is the area at Miller and Briggs roads.

— Maria Rossi

‘Fish arcade’ software companies file injunction …

I always wonder why carp fishing is not gambling. Plenty of those places around.

Fishing is mostly luck, not much skill involved. The sheriff should be shutting those down, too.

— William H. Moffitt

This said the injunction acts as a retraining order against the police, but they are basically going to ignore it. Also, they are closing them because of crime. I guess you should close gas stations banks and check cashing places they all get robbed as well.

— Tommy Wingler

Letter: United Way’s new model must benefit all citizens

One thing can be assured: The United Way will continue to benefit. They’ll still get their 16% off the top no matter what.

— Eric Shock

Police investigating overnight shooting at Thelma’s restaurant

I feel bad if you think Thelma’s is good food. It’s an old dingy dirty restaurant with horrible service. I would go to McDonald’s before I ever set foot in this place again.

— Dana Santiago

Instead of complaining or praising the food, did you all forget the fact it was a birthday party held after the place closed? Let us all feel for the people at the party. Why did someone bring a gun to the party?

— Cynthia Hillard

Josh Bergeron: Prioritize litter control in Rowan

I’m shocked and appalled at the trash and the litter that lines the streets of Salisbury. Fast food packages and drink cans are just tossed about frivolously.

— Michael Raines

Editorial: Unlikely that impeachment votes …

This impeachment trial is about whether this country remains a republic, not a monarchy. This has no bearing on an election in a highly gerrymandered district. That is what your article should be about.

— George W. Benson

… Thelma’s restaurant lease will be terminated

Let’s be honest: we don’t have businesses lining up to have a spot at that particular mall. I’m surprised that people are actually still going there.

— Trent Puckett

Before I read the article, I thought terminating the lease was extreme. However, the list of violations from this one event justifies terminating the lease or the county would have faced some liability.

— Kim White

The gun incident aside, I have a problem with county government competing with nonprofits and private businesses for restaurant space, retail space and event space, especially if they are going to undercut the rental market so severely.

— Michael Young

My problem is everyone is ranting about the closure and not about how no one is coming forward to help police.

— Lynn Blackwelder

Assistant Superintendent Morrow to retire …

One of my very favorite memories of Julie Morrow was when I was still in the classroom.

Morrow was visiting my RSS elementary school one day and stepped into my classroom of students with special needs. She walked into the room greeted me and then sat down next to my students and had genuine eye to eye conversations with my students.

— Paula Marko Sloop

Editorial: K-8 should only be start of tough votes

This editorial is an honest assessment, even though the realities of our county’s declining public school population are not pleasant. Whatever solution the school board chooses, the choice should be made sooner, rather than later.

— Jeff Morris

Fired Landis manager says town owes him $450,000

Don’t settle, Roger. Squeeze every dime you can. You tried. Meredith Smith made it her personal mission to fire you. Now, it’s her turn.

— Rebecca Copley

Letter: Democrats don’t want Republicans calling …

We all can either believe Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman (a decorated officer) or President Donald Trump (a serial liar).

I believe most of us veterans have chosen the former versus the latter.

— Eric Marsh