Discover more stories of the past at library’s History Room

Published 12:00 am Thursday, January 30, 2020

By Gretchen Beilfuss Witt

Rowan Public Library

The Edith M. Clark History room has some new additions which will engage and enlighten.

In Miller and Allen’s “Slave Escapes & the Underground Railroad in North Carolina,” many stories are told of specific slaves and their journey to freedom. Mr. Haywood was the slave holder of a man named Lunsford Lane. Haywood not only allowed his slaves to learn how to read and write, which was against the law, but also let Lane work to purchase his freedom.

Lane sold tobacco from Fayetteville to Salisbury and earned the $1,000 to buy his freedom; unfortunately Haywood died before Lane earned all the money, but his widow was willing to honor her husband’s agreement. Unfortunately the laws back then complicated matters, requiring another white man to purchase Lunsford Lane and then petition the court on his behalf for his freedom. Benjamin Smith did buy Lane and petition the court; he then traveled with Lane to New York City where Lane received his emancipation papers.

In Rowan, especially in the area that become Guilford, lived numerous Quakers who did not agree with slavery. In many instances these Quakers took slaves to Northern States like Indiana and Ohio and set the slaves free. This method of conveying slaves out of slave states was referred to by the Quakers as the “Overground Railroad.” A little known fact found in the book, is that the “Underground Railroad” was also used by Confederate deserters to escape the Confederacy.

The Edith Clark History Room also houses more recent historical materials. Some patrons may remember when Rowan Public Library collected and displayed the pictures taken by area veterans during their service in Vietnam.

The History Room has recently acquired a book by Martin Tucker which may be of interest, “Vietnam Photographs from North Carolina Veterans: The Memories They Brought Home.” Perhaps one of the most striking photographs in the volume is of a soldier who had just been pulled out of the silty mud on the bottom of a river and was covered from head to toe in the dripping muck.

A half-dressed soldier standing in the drenching rain of the monsoon season, a young girl steering a river boat or comrades’ arms looped about one another are the subjects of several other photographs. Along with informative passages and captions, these photographs are a powerful testament to the experiences of those who endured in the Vietnam War.

As we commemorate the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II and African-American History month, it seems appropriate to highlight Bryan D. Booker’s “African Americans in the United States Army in World War II.”

African Americans have fought along side other Americans since the Revolution, but they have had to fight at home for opportunities and recognition. This book tells not only of the accomplishments of the African American soldiers both male and female, but some of the obstacles overcome on their way.

From helping build the Al-Can Highway in Alaska, providing the Task-Force in Liberia, to the development of the Women’s Army Corps, the African American WWII soldiers’ stories are clearly and captivatingly detailed.   Explore the stories of the past in the History Room of the Rowan Public Library.

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