Letter: Ferrel Guillory is correct about cutting citizenship classes

Published 12:00 am Sunday, January 26, 2020

Ferrel Guillory is so very correct (“State picks wrong time to cut back,” Jan. 22).  Our country is at a low point when it comes to the questions of citizenship, patriotism, etc.  Classes should be added and enhanced to teach more history, civics and citizenship.

I read a report that a majority do not even know there are three co-equal branches of government in the U.S., and daily we see examples of extremely poor citizenship.  Our citizens fear tampered elections and see many of our liberties slipping away.  The percentage of our citizens who vote is deplorable, as efforts continue to suppress the vote.   My greatest fear is that we are seeing the democratic republic that is the USA slipping away.

I agree there should be more instruction in economics and money management, and we learned that as a part of economics and sociology when I was in high school, That should be a required course.   But those classes should not be added at the expense of much needed American history and citizenship.  Our children need to be taught about the foundations of our nation and good citizenship.

Here’s hoping the education hierarchy heeds the warnings and makes a quick change to maintain and improve on the teaching of history and citizenship.

— Pat Bullard

China Grove