Letter: Democrats don’t want Republicans calling witnesses

Published 12:00 am Sunday, January 26, 2020

In addition to Cabarrus County declaring a “sanctuary” for the Second Amendment it should also say it’s “no sanctuary” for refugees.  It’s about much more than just votes.  It’s about sending a message to the misguided man sitting in our governors’ seat. Cabarrus conservatives should contact Cabarrus lawmakers immediately.

Regarding Richard Sorensen’s letter in Sunday’s Post (“Republicans don’t want to hear evidence”), we would love to hear some “evidence.” Sorensen said, “If not guilty, President Trump should testify.” Though I realize that the Constitution and congressional rules of order mean nothing to most liberals, both will be followed “to the letter.”

He stated ” Trump was invited but refused” to present his side to the House. Hypocrisy is rampant. In order for him to present his side, he would have had to call witnesses. Once again, in violation of the Constitution, and congressional rules, he was denied that right.

Then, to ascend to new peaks of hypocrisy, Sorensen stated, “Apparently Republicans don’t want revealing documents and witnesses who will honor the oath for fairness and impartiality.” That’s why the House refused to allow Republicans calling a single witness. I assure you: you don’t want Republican senators calling witnesses. As for John Bolton, President Donald Trump’s former U.S. national security advisor, no human being walking this planet hates Democrats more. Proceed with caution. 

Speaker Nancy Pelosi sending a marching squad of incompetent hypocrites to the Senate reminds me of her stroll 10 years ago with a giant gavel in passing Obamacare. Democrats lost the House in a landslide the next year. 

Jesus had to deal with the “early Democratic Party” in his day. That particular flock of hypocrites were known as “scribes and pharisees.”

Randy Biggerstaff