Remains identified; man in jail for murder charged with murder again

Published 11:41 am Thursday, January 23, 2020

MOORESVILLE — A man already serving time for murder and attempted murder has been charged in another murder that took place in 2016.

Timothy Lavaun Crumitie, 54, has now been charged with the murder of Anastasia “Star” Talisa Meaders, who was reported missing from Charlotte in August 2016. He was charged in 2016 with the attempted murder of her mother, Kimberly Cherry, and the murder of Cherry’s boyfriend, Michael Gretsinger, and is serving a life sentence.

Additionally, he was charged with the murder of his business partner in 2005. He has a criminal history dating back to at least 1989.

On Jan. 15, 2019, Iredell Sheriff’s detectives, deputies and crime scene investigators responded to a call about human skeletal remains in a wooded area off Bridgewater Lane near Mooresville.

Deputies searched the wooded area for two days, finding about 70 human bones, which were taken to Wake Forest Health Baptist Medical Center. The cause of death was a gunshot to the head.

The bones were then sent to North Carolina State University, where forensic dentists and anthropologists spent 10 months processing them. At the same time, the Iredell Sheriff’s Office discovered the missing person report for Meaders, who was 29 at the time.

DNA from the victim’s teeth positively identified her as Meaders. Her vehicle, a black 2007 Chevrolet Impala, was found abandoned at Liberty Park in Mooresville in July 2016. Liberty Park is a few miles from where the remains were discovered.

Interviews led deputies to Crumitie as a possible suspect.

Crumitie had been convicted of the August 2016 attempted murder of Cherry, Meader’s mother, and the murder of Gretsinger, Cherry’s boyfriend. Crumitie was convicted in 2018 and is serving a life sentence.

Meaders was reported missing at the time of her mother’s attempted murder. Meaders was last seen June 17, 2016, at a beauty shop in Charlotte.

Records show her last communication was with a family member on June 24, 2016. Evidence detectives gathered showed Crumitie was the last person to be seen with Meaders.

Detectives also learned Crumitie was the pastor of a church in Concord, where he met Cherry and Meaders.

In April  2016, Crumitie was living with an older woman in Rowan County who died under suspicious circumstances. Crumitie had befriended the elderly woman, and at some point during their yearlong relationship, he was appointed as her power of attorney and executor over her estate.

On July 3, 2013, the Concord Police Department investigated the murder of Sharon Crumitie, the wife of Timothy Crumitie at the time. She and a man named James Banks were at the scene of a reported robbery at the home of Timothy and Sharon Crumitie.

The report says Banks was supposedly breaking into the garage when he shot Sharon Crumitie in the head. Timothy Crumitie claimed he then wrestled the gun away from Banks. During the altercation, Crumitie shot Banks in the head after sustaining a gunshot wound to the hand.

In December 2013, Crumitie’s home burned to the ground. The investigation determined the fire was intentionally set by Crumitie. He was arrested on March 24, 2014, for insurance fraud.

In August 2014, Crumitie was arrested for fraudulently burning a dwelling and was convicted in December 2015.

In September 2005, Crumitie was arrested for the murder of his business partner, Danny Daye Johnson, in Mecklenburg County. He spent five years in jail, and was later released after the case was dismissed.

In September 1989, Crumitie was arrested for armed robbery in Onslow County. He was convicted of this crime in March 1990. He was released in August 1998 after serving eight years in prison.

Crumitie is serving a life sentence for the murder of Michael Gretsinger and the attempted murder of Kimberly Cherry.

On Jan. 21, Timothy Crumitie was served with an arrest warrant for the murder of Anastasia Talisha Meaders. He is being held with no bond.

This investigation is still ongoing and the Iredell County Sheriff’s office is working with other agencies to resolve still open cases.