Talkback: What online readers say about …

Published 12:00 am Friday, January 17, 2020

Letter: Post passes judgment on Landis board too early

What is this reason that only a few people know about it for now? I thought one of the platforms of Meredith Smith’s campaign was the word “transparency.” Now, we are waiting on the edge of our seats for another huge scandal to break loose.

I’ve got my popcorn and I’m waiting to see what the feckless trio have cooked up. Keep me posted.

— Rebecca Copley

Why is everyone criticizing Kenny? He is speaking truthfully about how the new board was unmercifully attacked in the Salisbury Post editorial. Had the process been carried out correctly by the previous board the new board would not have been put in the position to make this decision.

— Larry and Beth Farmer

Letter: Trump adds another crime to his existing list

He had a terrorist taken out — a terrorist who has attacked Americans and was planning more attacks on the U.S. He didn’t just wake up one day and say, “I think I’ll take out some random guy.”

— Jess and                    Rita Goldin

If President Donald Trump gave every American $1 million and cured cancer, the “libtards” would still hate him.

— Jimmy Moon

Rowan Sheriff’s Office: Couple scammed …

Any of us can be swindled if the crook knows the right motivations to use. These tactics change daily and some work better than others. It’s not an intelligence factor, mostly, but an emotional one that is taken advantage of.

— Roy Lynch

… Commissioners pass Second Amendment resolution

You guys realize it doesn’t mean anything if they expect you to follow state laws. Looks like they’re pandering for votes to me.

— Clay Boger

I don’t see the necessity in passing this. The Constitution gives the right to bear arms. In this dangerous climate we are in and with reporting about gun violence daily, I think we should be moving in the other direction, attempting to make it harder for those who misuse fire arms to obtain guns.

— Judy Smith

Nobody is taking your guns. Even in 1986, they didn’t take your Uzis and M-16s. They just banned new production.

By the way, if they did ban AR-15s, the existing ones would triple in value.

— Dan Morrow

Barry Justus surprised by Hall of Fame announcement

He had a positive impact on many during his career and he still continues to do what he does best — motivate people to be their best.

— Jeff Morris

Mr. Justice, you were always so kind. You were always happy, until you weren’t. It wasn’t that you were mad. You just wanted us to be better.

I always respected that. You definitely deserve this and so much more.

— Carrie Ellison

With a T-shirt for each student, Overton continues tradition …

My granddaughter came home wearing her new shirt. We love it. As the students continue to grow, let’s hope the hearts of our school board will grow. Please do not close our school.

— Marion LeBleu

School board to discuss future of Knox-Overton Monday

The school board understands the tough decisions that must be made. They also understand that community opposition will always exist in any discussions of renovation and closure talks.

— Jeff Morris

… Matthew Michael Brown taking lots of beautiful memories …

First United Methodist Church has been lifted with all your music programs, volunteer activities and connections to the community.

There will be a huge impact on the community not having you in Salisbury.

— Melanie Miller 

Ask Us: Why was Faith Road paving done during daytime?

They should have made it four lanes with turning lanes all the way to Jake Alexander Boulevard and allowing a left turn onto Avalon Drive.

— Dean Yates

They should have worked on weekends, too. Poor planning and a major inconvenience for all.

— Kathy Seybold   

The inconveniences have been very minor considering the improvements that are being made.

— Mark Kent

Political notebook: Challengers Hoy, Ellis united …

It’s nice to see native people from the area running for an important office. The Democrats have been lazy in this district and it’s time for change.

— Angie Hunter

RSS talks next steps as Apple lease …

I think we should go back to textbooks and paper, using only iPads at school on special projects or even a computer lab again.

Kids are able to go to things about which teachers have no idea.

— Brooke Mahaley

I am strongly against younger grades in elementary having tablets. If a kid has special needs, there needs to be a way they can be tested with paper and pencil.

— Sarah Stilwell Shrewsbury

Letter: Vote ‘no’ on $45 million bond referendum

The question should be “is a tax investment of $3.26 more per month worth what the local area will realize” as opposed to “what are all the rest of our taxes going to look like?”

— Eric Shock