Quotes of the week: ‘Moving almost 1,000 people’

Published 12:00 am Friday, January 17, 2020

“It’s probably a little bit slower than we would want it to be, but for the first time, you’re moving almost 1,000 people from one site to another, it went pretty well.”

— Kelly Withers, principal of South Rowan High School, who was talking about a drill
conducted Tuesday to simulate transporting students in an emergency

“For us, it’s more about building experiences, building connections, just giving them things to think about.”

— Jennifer Lentz, principal of Southeast Middle School who spoke to the Post this week about the school’s plans for “renewal”

“I told Debbie all along that I really wanted her to have it because there is just a connection. It’s a local connection.”

— Cathie Dietz, who formerly owned K-Dee’s Jewelers on Innes Street and sold her building to the owners of Barnhardt Jewelers

“I broke down. I was so scared I didn’t know what to do. I was just covering the baby.”

— Mandy Newton, whose house in Rockwell was heavily damaged after storms on Saturday downed a tree and crushed the home’s roof

“To me, the biggest thing is we have two Democrats running instead of none, so you have a choice. Isn’t this what it’s about, having choices?”

— Tarsha Ellis, who is seeking the Democratic Party nomination in the 33rd Senate District race. The race also features Democrat Geoffrey Hoy, who chairs the Rowan County party

“We are for the lawful use of
firearms and do not in any way
defend unlawful use.”

— Greg Edds, chairman of the Rowan County commissioners speaking after voting for a
Second Amendment resolution

You feel tremendous pressure to find the guilty and bring them to justice.”

— Capt. Chad Moose, who leads the Rowan County Sheriff’s Office Criminal                                      Investigations Division