Letter: Klusman clarifies Second Amendment statement

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, January 15, 2020

When the Rowan County Board of Commissioners voted on the crucial issue of a Second Amendment Resolution, I misspoke.

My intent was to say that, even though the commissioners were approving this resolution, I wanted citizens to know that current law regarding the removal of firearms from convicted felons or those awaiting trial on domestic violence charges is perfectly legal and does not change with the passage of the resolution.

Back in Wisconsin, I served on my county domestic violence board. Our safe house was named the Christine Ann Center for a young woman who had left an abusive situation and who, along with a friend, was shot and killed by the abuser. He had threatened to kill her many times and the only protection available at the time was a restraining order which was not enough.

After serving on my local board and the Governor’s Taskforce on Domestic Violence, working to develop domestic violence laws, I firmly support and am thankful for the protection that domestic violence victims and survivors receive through the laws that we now have.

Judy Klusman


Editor’s note: Judy Klusman is a county commissioner. She voted “yes” on a resolution Friday about Second Amendment rights.