Letter: World will be better with Trump still in office

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, December 18, 2019

It’s my time to sound off. I’d like to offer praise for the article published Dec. 12 by Allan Gilmour (“Let 2020 election decide Donald Trump’s fate”). I am with him 100%. All you hear on radio, TV and among people is Trump this and Trump that.

The Democrats have not given him a chance since he took office. I wonder what would have happened to former President Bill Clinton with all his scandal.

The Democrats are  so afraid that Trump is going to be back in office in 2020, I hope he will be.

Unemployment is down since he has been in office, and among the lowest it has ever been. Talk to the truckers. They have more work than they have ever had since Trump became president.

Why don’t the Democrats impeach House Speaker Nancy Pelosi? She has been up there entirely too long. She is so old.

Let the president do his job while he is in office. The world will be a better place with him there.

Go President Trump.

Judy Hoffner

Gold Hill